Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diaper Double Duty

I have been changing diapers since 2009...constantly.  Most of that time I have been changing two sets of diapers.  But, as of July 2013, I can proudly say that I am only changing one set of diapers!  Wooooohooo!!!  Yeah!!!  (I'm just a little excited)

So is he!

Not only is Samuel officially potty trained, but he basically was trained within 2 days!  I didn't believe it could happen.  Only a certain older sister with three girls with magic powers could do that ; )  I think that I can attribute the success of this go-around to the fact that Samuel was ready.  There was no pushing him to get it done.  In fact, he was pushing me because I was terrified about the experience.

I was equipped with skittles, pull-ups and new underwear.  Also in my tool belt were paper towels and carpet cleaner (neither of which I had to use.)  I was also prepared to never leave my house again.  But, on day two we took a trip to the airport to have breakfast and to watch the planes.   Another unexpected, but welcomed, surprise was that he has been waking up dry.  So, hopefully I can find the courage to quit wasting my money on pull-ups.

Once again such a source of anxiety has turned out to be nothing...when am I going to learn.  These kids are awesome.  I couldn't be more proud of Samuel!

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